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2019 Chinese Biomaterials Congress & International Symposium on Advanced Biomaterials
Submission:张灿课题组  Date:2019-08-28   Page View:10

 2019 Chinese Biomaterials Congress & International Symposium on Advanced Biomaterials was hosted by the Chinese Biomaterials Society (CSBM) and the Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University on August 22, 2019 in Dalian China. The theme of this conference was "Deep Fusion of Biomaterials and Medicine". Doctors and researchers from scientific research institutions and medical institutions at home and abroad were invited, which were engaged in research, development, production, application and management of biomaterials and medical devices. Six academicians from the Chinese and American Academy of Sciences were invited to give special reports. The conference also established the Young Scholars Outstanding Paper Award and Outstanding Poster Award to encourage young scholars and students to actively submit contributions. The conference aimed to inspire inspiration, strengthen cooperation, and promote the development of domestic biomaterial science and industry.

From left: Dr Lei Rong, Dr Chunming Tang, Dr Caoyun Ju, Dr Weishuo Li, Dr Meixi Hao

Dr. Caoyun Ju et al attended the meeting. Dr. Caoyun Ju  made a report entitled "Cationic Functional Lipids in Gene Drug Delivery System".  Dr Lei Rong et al displayed posters to share their research work.

Dr. Caoyun Ju