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The 13th China Pharmaceutical Preparations Conference
Submission:张灿课题组  Date:2019-10-14   Page View:10

The 13th China Pharmaceutical Preparations Conference was grandly held in Yantai, Shandong on October 12th. The theme of this conference was Innovation and Transformation. It is sponsored by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and co-organized by the Pharmaceutical Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, the International Branch of the International Controlled Release Association, Luye Pharma Group with the State Key Laboratory of Long-acting and Targeted Preparations. Nearly 2,000 scholars, experts from scientific research institutes, and executives of pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad were invited, conducting  in-depth discussion on the research progress, industrialization and clinical application of innovative pharmaceutical preparations.

Professor Can Zhang gave a report "From the click reaction to the drugability of the carrier"