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The first Nanomedicine Innovation and Transformation Forum
Submission:张灿课题组  Date:2019-10-20   Page View:10

 The first Nanomedicine  Innovation and Transformation Forum was held  in the Zhidao Building and Hantang Lecture Hall of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University From October 16th to 17th, 2019. The forum was hosted by the Pharmaceutical Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and hosted by Fudan University School of Basic Medicine. 

50 influential experts at home and abroad were invited, including Professor Leaf Huang of the School of Pharmacy of University of North Carolina; Professor Liangfang Zhang (AAAS Fellow) of the University of California; Professor Weiyue Lu, Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association; Professor Shibo Jiang of Fudan University; Professor Xinguo Jiang, Distinguished Professor of Fudan University; Professor Chuanbin Wu, School of Pharmacy of Sun Yat-sen University; Professor Zhongxi Zhao, School of Pharmacy of Shandong University; Professor Tian Xie, Dean of School of Integrated Pharmacy of Hangzhou Normal University; Researcher HaoWang, National Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering Researcher and Professor Can ZhangDean of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, China Pharmaceutical University. Professor Shibo Jiang, Researcher Zhili Huang, Researcher Tianlei Ying and other clinical researchers from School of Basic Medicine of Fudan University made invited academic reports, which provided new ideas for the innovation and transformation of nanomedicine.

        This forum aimed to strengthen the integration of pharmacy and medical disciplines, and jointly discussed the problems in the process of new drug development and transformation and possible solutions. In order to strengthen the direct dialogue between senior experts and young scholars, a round-table discussion session was also set up in the forum, which provided a good exchange atmosphere for experts in multi-disciplinary fields.

Professor Can Zhang gave an invited report " Strategies and Thoughts on Effective Drug Delivery by Carriers"