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The Group

Group Introduction

    Our research group is affiliated to the Center of Advanced Pharmaceuticals and Biomaterials, the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Currently, there are 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 1 specially-appointed associate professor, 3 lecturers, 3 post-doctoral teachers, 25 graduate students, and 3 students of top-notch programs, whose majors involve pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy, biology and polymer materials. We focus on the research of new drug discovery and biomaterials-based drug delivery systems for major-diseases treatment, such as tumors, metabolic diseases and immunological diseases. They specifically include controllable nano-drug delivery system assembled with biomaterial modules, precise drug delivery systems and prodrugs responding to physiological molecules, cyto-pharmaceuticals and living-cell drugs in cell therapy, target discovery of neutrophils-related diseases, and new drugs discovery such as vitamin D receptor agonists.

    Our research group has presided over and completed more than 40 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including major projects of new drug creation, the 863 plan, the key international-exchange projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, general projects and youth projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and key projects of the Ministry of Education. We have published more than 100 SCI papers in journals, such as Nature Nanotech, J Am Chem Soc, Angew Chem Int Edit, Adv Mater, Small, Biomaterials, J control release, and J Med Chem, and signed 23 authorized invention patents. The research have won the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education and the third prize of the Jiangsu Natural Science Award.

    The group has cultivated 91 graduate students, among which, one was hired as a distinguished professor in Jiangsu Province, three were awarded the Jiangsu Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, and one was awarded the Jiangsu Excellent Master Dissertation Award.