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Post doctoral

      Hou Siyuan

      Aug.2008--Jun.2015: Ph.D. in Biology, Nanjing University,

      Aug. 2016--up to now: Postdoctoral Fellow, China Pharmaceutical University

      Email: housiyuan@cpu.edu.cn

      Li Weishuo

      She received her PhD from Zhejiang University in 2017 and was supervised by Prof. Du Yongzhong. Her research mainly focused on the design and fabrication of novel polymeric drug-carriers for anti-tumor therapy, the interface between biomaterial and cells as well as cell-based drug delivery system.

      Email:  liws_cpu@cpu.edu.cn

         Hao Meixi

         2012-2018, Ph.D. student of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, China pharmaceutical       university.  

         Mar.2019 to now, Postdoctoral Fellow in China pharmaceutical university.

          E-mail: meixihao_cpu@stu.cpu.edu.cn